My name is Jan Dahlstrom - and I'm the mom of Shannon Safford.

Shannon is 29 and she is a MN National Guard Staff Sergeant. She was deployed over in Kuwait - and had her Covid19 Vaccine in May. In June and July, she had some mild symptoms, but as she puts it - "Shit hit the fan" in August, just as her Unit was going into Afghanistan to help with the withdrawal. She had to stay behind; she was very sick. Heartbreaking for her. She loves serving in the Guards and has been serving for over 10 years.

She saw several Doctors and had many tests and hospital visits while in Kuwait - all tests came back normal. The Army told her she did need to see a behavior therapist - maybe this is anxiety...(they said).

On one phone call she told me they suspected she could have Guillain Barre Syndrome and that really made me worry because I had heard that illness mentioned as being an issue with the Vaccine. I told her to consider that her onset of her illness could be due to the Vaccine - it's just a possibility.

She was in the BEST shape of her life - running 5K's every week, doing Cross-Fit, playing Volleyball over there and was able to complete and pass her fitness tests required.

Unable to work - and left with no answers, she was sent home and arrived in MN late October. She had to have friends carry her gear, she was weak - and in pain and feeling hopeless. I cannot describe how devastating this was for her to return home without her Unit. While searching for answers I was able to find Facebook Community of Vaccine Injuries - where I could ask questions and found out so many others had been going thru the same things - many similar debilitating symptoms. Because of her Army insurance, she had to start with her Primary Care Physician - in Little Falls MN. Several tests, ER Visits, Paramedics called - left with no answers she asked for a referral to the Mayo Clinic, but the date was scheduled months out and every day she felt like she was going to die. We were able to start with some local specialist while waiting to get to the Mayo Clinic.

She saw a Neurologist, Immunologist, Rheumatologist in the Twin Cities - still no answers. She also had the strain of having to find a new Primary Care doctor because her doctor in Little Falls was leaving. She had to start with a new doctor in the cities since she was living with us. She did get to Mayo and had several days of appointments and tests. She saw a Neurologist, Internal Medicine, & Cardiology. We were advised by the Vaccine Support group to NOT say what we suspected as they were denying seeing people if they said that. We heard some horror stories.

My sister often came from WI to help us out with her and tried many things, Essential Oils, Healing Touch Massages - anything to help with her symptoms. Sometimes just to give us some relief...

Shannon has spent thousands of her own money trying alternative treatments, Ozone Therapy, Acupuncture - Cranial Sacral Chiropractic, CBD methods, massage etc...

She was seen by the Mayo Clinic, and we were told advised from members in the support group to not mention the Vaccine because the Mayo will not be on board with that and may treat her different - many people were refused to be seen because they mentioned what they suspected about the Covid vaccine kicking the onset of chronic illness/diagnosis.

She has been diagnosed with POTS, Small Fiber Neuropathy, Central Sensitization Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

She has started to improve and was able to move back to her house in Little Falls just this past July and start back to work. Somedays she is able to work from her home. She has a 5 year old daughter that she in unable to care for full time. Her internal vibrations and tremors continue - and other symptoms of the said diseases, but she fights through her days as best as she can.

The National Guard has started the process to Medically Discharge her. She will most likely be losing the career she loves. She's not able to physically do the job any longer.

This has been such a trauma for my daughter and our family I don't know if we will ever recover. We have been gaslighted and alone in this horrific journey.

These Vaccine Injuries must be brought to light and these victims need to be supported and compensated for all they have been through.

This has completely changed her life.

Thank you for hearing her story. We are praying for all the Vaccine Injured and their families.

What are they doing to our Military...? There are many more injured and worse.

Champlin, MN