My mom Twila Apger was in an abusive guardianship, and placed in a nursing home in Houghton County Michigan where she was drugged with antipsychotics, placed on a DNR, and neglected.

I petitioned the court for guardianship to try to get her out of that situation, and a week before we were supposed to go to court, they placed my mom on hospice, she had a urinary tract infection that they didn’t want to treat, they took away her blood pressure and thyroid meds and replaced with Morphine, Ativan and Fentanyl. I filed for an emergency hearing once I found out they placed her on hospice. At the hearing, the nursing home blocked my petition with their own petition to get guardianship of my mom. The nursing home and doctor lied under oath about my mom’s condition. I told the judge that they were lying, and I had recordings to prove it. I also had people lined up to testify on my behalf. The judge coincidentally didn’t have time to hear anything that day and scheduled the next hearing for two weeks later, but I knew my mom wasn’t going to be alive.

The next day, the nursing home had signs up that prohibited any photos or recordings. They lied and said I was harassing them and disturbing my mom, in her medical records; even saying that I was giving her things to eat and drink at a 10 degree bed angle. When I received her death certificate, they listed "pneumonia" as one of her causes of death which was not true. I believe they might try to say I contributed to her death. They wanted to increase her Fentanyl on the day she died. They hid my mom’s body from me because I requested an autopsy. I didn’t know where her body went until her obituary came out in the newspaper.

I tried everything to try to save my mom, but it was impossible. My mom was starved, dehydrated, and overmedicated to death. My mom died January 1, 2020...a week before the court hearing.

During my mom’s last 9 months in the facility, Medicaid paid out about close to what her house is worth. They are going after her asset to get paid back. I’m currently fighting in probate court so I can be appointed personal representative of my mom’s estate in order to go after a wrongful death suit to hold these evildoers accountable. Statute of limitations to pursue this is coming up this year. I’m praying I can get justice. I’m currently pro se.

Corruption runs deep, I found out that all the nurses who were lying on my mom’s medical records are from one small town over a half hour away from the facility. My siblings are originally from that same small town and two of them are still in that area. The state investigator is from that area as well, and another investigator is friends with the head nurse of the facility.

My precious, beautiful mom helped so many people - she took in neglected, abused children and adopted many. She did not deserve any of this. Please follow "justice for Twila Apger" on Facebook and other platforms. There are many of us who had our loved ones murdered by hospice, it’s been going on for years. There’s a bunch of us on "murdered by hospice" Facebook group.

Iron Mountain, MI