My husband was "kidnapped" by a local hospital in Maine when he used the services of the emergency room - May 17 to May 26, 2021.

This is "body snatching" - kidnapping and human trafficking. This is criminal behavior. My husband became a slave with NO control over his body.

My husband fell at home and injured his head and was transported by ambulance to the local hospital. I gave the ambulance personnel his hearing aids. While in the emergency room, he didn't have his hearing aids in his ears so, therefore, he couldn't hear what the staff was saying.

A fake PCR test was administered, and he was declared to have Covid, and was locked up for 9 days in the "new" Covid unit. He didn't have any symptoms nor was he sick.

NO informed consent was provided. NO visitors allowed. Hospital had full power and control over the situation. Neither one of us had any rights whatsoever. Advocating for him was impossible.

Why he came out of the hospital alive is beyond us at the moment.

We sent the Maine Attorney General and the local Sheriff in Oxford County (where the hospital is located and the same county where we live) a 15 page document on June 27, 2022 explaining our situation and requested that they conduct an investigation into husband's kidnapping/human trafficking situation.

We haven't heard from them yet but we did hear (telephone call) from the hospital stating that they will respond to our document. We have not received it yet.

Hospital records show that he was NOT treated for Covid but for preexisting conditions and the head injury. He was under the care of the local health center.

We contacted one lawyer, but he wouldn't take the case. We are now looking for another one or organization that fights for people's rights.

Gilead, ME