My 13 year old son Ares Dobson was murder by the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta Scottish Rite on December 8th 2021. I Took him to the ER on around December 3rd or 4th when we found out he had Covid. Once we were informed he had covid the hospital told us to go home and did not provide any early treatment. This was the same hospital we went to for years because his Doctor Anne Marie Brooks practice here and was his go to doctor since she was knowledgeable in Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Ares had SMA type II.

The next day Ares was having trouble breathing and requested to go back to the hospital. Once admitted the doctor immediately wanted to put him on a full-face mask with high amount of oxygen and pressure. I argued against this because when my son was hospitalized at around 5 or 6 the Children’s Hospital of Egleston did the same resulting in him being intubated twice, he was at Egleston for nearly 3 weeks. We eventually transferred Ares to Scottish Rite because through research discovered Dr. Brooks was knowledgeable in SMA. Dr. Brooks ended up saving my son and taught us the correct protocol for SMA. One of the things she taught me was the dangers of too much oxygen and pressure. However, the doctor did it anyway, against my wishes. I informed him that if you do this, he will get worse. Later that day he took a blood gas, and the results were very bad. I went off on the doctor and told him this would happen. He simply just walked out of the room without saying a word.

Also, on the first day we requested for Ivermectin but was told it was not FDA approved for Covid and Remdesivir was his only option. I denied Remdesivir and mentioned there was data supporting the efficacy of Ivermectin. I was told all data on Ivermectin is bias and not reliable. When I asked for the supporting data for Remdesivir he stated there was none. I immediately followed up with, "if there is no supporting data for Remdesivir why can’t we use Ivermectin?". He responded that it’s not part of the FDA protocol.

I also asked for food and water as my son was hungry and thirsty. He was denied both because I was told he needed to keep his stomach empty just in case of intubation (this was day one of his stay at the hospital). I also requested vitamins but was told they must speak with disease and infection experts first for freaking vitamins.

As the days progress his condition got worse as I fought the doctors daily to provide him with appropriate treatment. I eventually reached out to a doctor in Texas who was willing to prescribe Ivermectin and forward me his protocol, however the doctors at Scottish Rite still denied giving him Ivermectin as it was not FDA protocol. I also hired an attorney who was willing to take my case to enforce the hospital to give him Ivermectin.

Dr. Brooks would eventually show up to the hospital. When she walked in, I had a breath of relief as I thought she would do the right thing; however, I was wrong. I asked her if we can give him Ivermectin and she informed me it was against FDA protocol. Even though in the past she went against Egleston's protocol to implement her own protocol which saved my son's life. It was this moment I knew my son was not going to make it.

It’s been about 4 days we were in the hospital and my son was still not given any food or water. One of his last sentences was, "I'm so hungry, when can I eat?" On December 7th Ares started talking to someone. He kept saying, "It’s ok it’s ok. Let’s go let’s go eat. It’s ok it’s ok." I was terrified and asked Ares, "What is ok?" However, he kept repeating those same lines, "It’s ok it’s ok. Let’s go let’s go eat. It’s ok it’s ok." Panicking, I asked my son, "Who am I?" He said I was ‘skin’ and I asked again, "Who am I", again he said I was ‘skin.’ He eventually said, "You're David Dobson" then he turned to his mom and said, "You're Misty Nguyen." All I wanted to hear was him say "You are my Dad and Mom."

Shortly after that his eyes rolled behind his head and Dr. Brooks immediately stated he must be intubated. I was against it, but she informed me that since his hospitalization when he was around 5 or 6 there has been much advancement in oxygen and that we can remove the intubation once he’s stabilized. The next day (December 8th) Ares had so much oxygen his neck was bloated, and he had too much air around his heart. They then did a procedure to remove the air around his heart. After the procedure his oxygen went back up to around the high 80s, however his stats begin to drop quickly dipping from the high 80s to the low 70s. I asked the nurse if we need to do something - he is dying. I was told there was nothing they could do, he shortly went into cardiac arrest and passed away.

I never got the chance to say goodbye and to tell him how much I loved him. I am so devastated to lose my only child and question everyday whether life is worth living without my son. I loved my son so much. He lived such a hard life. He had gone through multiple surgeries throughout his life. He had back surgery, two hip surgeries, surgeries on his legs and feet along with receiving treatment through the spine to prolong his life. He took them all like a champ and never complained. He was willing to go through all this because he loved life and wanted to live a long life.

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Duluth, GA