... My wife Annie has had pneumonia a few times and was taken to the hospital by our sons who are grown adults. I told my wife and my kids to not let the hospital give Annie Remdesivir or put her on a ventilator. DOCTOR advised that they had to. ...

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Galeton, CO

Covid affected entire families. This story is about the experiences of several members of a family.

This story is about the lack of compassion, care, and treatment that we feel our loved ones were denied.

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Steling, CO

My boyfriend, age 56 had Colon Cancer, stage 4. He was diagnosed in August, 2019 after an emergency trip to the hospital where he had emergency surgery to remove a 5cm size tumor. It had already spread to his liver and lungs. He refused Chemo and decided to try alternative therapies. They told him he only had 6-8 months to live without chemo, but up to 3 years with chemo (my research came up with an average of 1 year with chemo). After his PET scan in September the oncologist told him he would be dead by Christmas if he didn't start chemo right away. He lived a total of 14 months after his diagnosis, and probably would have lived longer if Hospice hadn't murdered him.

Up until April of 2020 he was improving and feeling great, but after coming down with a "virus" in May, which I now believe was Covid, he started to deteriorate very quickly. By September he was in a lot of pain and was needing blood transfusions and was having problems breathing which ended up in a few trips to the ER. We were looking at 3 different cancer clinics to possibly start IPT (low dose chemo) considering his current condition. He was still walking around and very much wanting to continue the fight.

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Colorado Springs, CO

On September 17, 2021, Greg had a fever and wasn’t feeling well. He was sick and couldn’t eat or drink much. We were managing his symptoms with Tylenol and Advil. On September 21, I took him to Legacy Meridian hospital emergency room because he had labored breathing. They sent him home with an inhaler. On September 22, Greg was still having breathing problems, so I took him back and he was admitted ...

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Dublin, OH

Please know my heart and prayers go out to you and your family for the loss of your beautiful daughter Grace, and the horrific circumstances under which she was murdered.

My loved one (we were married 35 years) was also murdered in the same way. Listening to your story was reliving my own. I’m still shocked, as are our children. I have told many people that what I witnessed was murder. Never in my life have I witnessed what took place in a hospital setting, or anywhere else.

Please know that you are not alone, and that truth will prevail. It has been my faith in God that has been holding myself and our children up.

My loved one entered the hospital positive for Covid-19 on December 20th, 2020 and was taken from us before our very eyes on February 7, 2021 at St. Elizabeth’s hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska. Morphine was used in the end. (Of course, much more had happened with wanting to intubate him when we initially arrived in the emergency room for oxygen support. He said no. From there it was remdesivir that was administered to him as well as other medications).

In the moments before he died, he stood up, and walked away from his deathbed and he was physically forced back into his bed by a large male nurse. My loved one was 6’4" and 220 lbs in excellent health prior to covid. He was an avid cyclist. When our daughter asked where he was going, he stated, "I’m going to the store." Within moments his breathing subsided, (they kept upping his morphine).

I spent every day going to the hospital to keep him safe. There were 5 days I left in the last week of his life when he was walking the length of a football field he told me and was off oxygen. He was going to be released in 10 days the doctors believed. I regret having left. I’ll never be okay with what happened.

Forever a broken heart. God Bless each of you.

Flagler, CO

I just watched you on the SGT REPORT. They killed my daughter one month after my husband was killed on active duty. They have been doing this for a long time. I appreciate you sharing your story. You have inspired me to hold St Francis North hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado accountable for killing my daughter. Grace is always with you. She’s an amazing seed planted and watered with your tears. Her life will change the lives of others, for God’s glory. What a beautiful girl.

Aurora, CO

Reading your story made me feel like I was reliving the hospital experience we had with my dad at about the same time - October, 2021 here in Colorado. He and my mom were 79 years old at the time and came down with covid. My father is a retired physician and chose, the same as most in our family, not to get vaccinated. My mom did not have very severe symptoms despite having a-fib, but my dad has Parkinson's and I believe that the severe fatigue that came with the covid caused him to forget to take his Parkinson's medication in a timely manner and he became weak and less responsive. I am a veterinarian and 2 of my sisters are nurses so we were monitoring his O2 saturation at home, as well as helping to care for him and using early treatment protocols.

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Larkspur, CO

My wife was pregnant, about 30 weeks and tested positive for covid. The OB basically told her to sit at home and do nothing, and recommend against monoclonal antibodies. The following week her breathing got worse. She asked me to take her to the hospital. Upon arrival I realized it was a bad idea. She knew and told them she didn't want remdesivir. They gave it to her and told her it was an antibody infusion. The OB wanted my wife to crash before having a cesarean section (C-section). Against his advice, we got the C-section. Baby Charlotte Rose is doing well. It was like they didn't want my wife to get well, and nothing but bad care followed. Ventilator.... Kidney failure... Nothing we can do.... Because of the Cares Act the hospital and doctors cannot be held responsible, and I'm left without her.

There is a lot more to this story and I have it all written down.

I'm looking for advise. FEMA wants me to take the funeral blood money.

Fort Collins, CO