My father went to work for GE as a young man. Coworkers invited him to a Bible study, showed him the way to God, and helped him buy a Bible. After retiring from GE after 36 years, he wrote in this same Bible, "God I give You the next 36 years to do Your work." [That would be age 96.] A few months before his 96th birthday he was in the hospital with black lung, something he got from working in GE generators. The social worker and doctor told me to put him down, that I was being mean to keep him alive. I said he’s not complaining, but more than that he wrote in his Bible for 36 more years and he only has a few months to go. "I’m not touching him." One doctor said out loud for several to hear, "Let’s see if his God takes care of him" and that doctor took away my father’s low blood pressure medication and made me watch my father struggle to live, then he gave my father his medicine. My father lived a few more weeks and almost got to age 96 that he asked God for 36 years earlier.

The Colony, TX