On December 2nd, 2021, we got sick. We kept doing the best we could at home, but by December 8th we needed to go in. My O2 saturation was in the 70’s and my husband’s was in the 80’s. We started on Ivermectin plus the Frontline Doctors protocol. I had just had a right total knee replacement two weeks earlier.

I drove us to Pryor hospital ER (closest place, don’t EVER go there)!!! They admitted him, but sent me home. Our O2 sats were in the low 70’s at that point.

For three days they locked him in a room and did nothing!!! And when I say nothing, I mean nothing! No labs, no oxygen, no IV, no meds, no respiratory therapy, and they didn’t bring him food three times! Of course, I was not allowed to see him!

After three days of me trying to get ahold of someone there to find out anything… they told me to come get him!?!?!?!

I’m not sure how I made the drive, but when I got there, they’d sat him in a wheelchair and pushed him outside, and left him in the freezing rain! He couldn’t even stand! I was FURIOUS!!! But, I was also too sick to fight! All this because we’re not vaccinated!!

That was Friday.

The morning of Saturday, December 11th I called the ambulance for us, since I couldn’t drive at that point! The hospital I worked at was closest (W.W. Hastings Indian Hospital) and best, but around 40 miles away so we went there.

They admitted both of us. (Each to different hospitals though since I’m Native American and while he is part, he has no card.) He was transferred to Tahlequah City Hospital.

We were both on O2, IV’s, meds, treatments etc. Within two days (with him being so sick), a staff member destroyed his phone (supposedly dumped in water). Wonderful friends ended up getting us a temporary one so we could talk, but staff destroyed that one as well a day later.

December 13th he was finally moved to ICU and unfortunately placed on Vapotherm. Where I was at they really had no ICU beds open, so I stayed where I was which was on the Covid floor.

Please remember I was very ill and not clear headed enough to be able to protect him there, although I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife.

We had both listed on our paperwork NO Remdesivir or ventilator, but I later found out they had sneaked the Remdesivir in on both of us!

The high pressure oxygen from the Bipap and then the Vapotherm started causing tears in his trachea and lungs. I managed to survive the Bipap intact. I requested he be transferred to a tertiary center, but they refused.

I was finally sent home on 6L oxygen by myself 10 days later but had to ride a transport bus home since no one close would come help me. They were all too scared… even though I was long since non-contagious!

I tried to make the long drive to see him dragging my oxygen as much as I could (about 40 miles each way), but I was still so sick. (I ended up being readmitted again for a few days.) Despite that, I made it there most days!

The first time I showed up, knowing what they do, I just walked right up to his floor and walked in through his door in ICU. (I slipped in when someone was exiting). They tried to grab me and stop me… but I just went in. They made me come out, and seeing how determined I was, said they’d let me back in IF I wore the moonsuit, etc. I got all dressed, walked in and took it all off! (Oklahoma had just passed the law stating loved ones cannot be kept out!)

I had hoped we could still talk on the phone when I couldn’t make the drive, but they had destroyed both phones, and NO ONE would talk to me when I called the nurses phones, so our only conversations were when I was there!

The last time he was out of bed he tried to sing for me… my last song, December 24th. He’s a musician!!!

December 30 was the last time I saw him awake. I could tell he was severely struggling, but I had hope. He had quit eating. I told him he needed to eat so he could get better, and he said he would. My Covid sick brain didn't process just how sick he was. I thought he was a few days ahead of me but he'd be home too.

Several times the doctor or nurse did call saying "come now"… I did. I had help from one couple one time… they weren’t scared of me at that point I suppose!!! Thankful for that!

End of December… they started placing chest tubes to try to reinflate his lungs… he ended up with 3. December 30th, after I’d left and drove home, they intubated him and placed him on the ventilator AGAINST our wishes when they had already blown out his lungs.

They were giving him Morphine, Ativan, Versed, and a long list of other things (I didn’t even know about) to keep him down. I wish I’d been able to think and put a stop to all that! Feeding tube, chest tubes, foley, electrodes, central line, and on and on! I couldn’t protect him! And unbeknownst to me, he had already developed decubitus ulcers from them not caring for him!

By January 4th… they said he was unfixable. I spent the day with him.

I called my "second daughter" and while they lived over an hour and a half away, they came that evening.

At 7:04pm we turned off the machine. My life ended when his did.

I now have MIS-A (a severe form of long term Covid no doubt from the Remdesivir and other junk they gave both of us). My O2 sats still only average in the 80’s to low 90’s. I’ve had to move to Kansas since I couldn’t afford to stay in our home in Oklahoma.

My life is gone. He was my husband and my best friend!!!

They murdered him!!!

Spavinaw, OK