Hello, my name is Allison Sims. I'm so very sorry for your loss and to all that have lost a loved one due to Covid guidelines/protocols, the Covid so-called virus, or the Covid kill shot. My healthy, happy, strong 30-year-old son, Jacob, was taking a new job, which at the time they mandated the shot. We did not find out until 7 months after his death that he was hired for that job. In order to have been hired, he would of had to have that shot. He never made it to his first week at work. After all the investigation, seems he must of hidden from us that he got it (he knew how we are/were completely against it). Based on timelines, we think he collapsed in a Mexican restaurant about 12 days later.... this is how our nightmare started. The hospitals stated he had a bout of high blood pressure, which he did; but millions of people do. A 30-year-old does not just drop with a blood clot to his brain...just like that. He was vented in the hospital, without any consent. He passed away 7 days later.

I already know that to sue anyone is not going to happen, nor will it bring my first born back. I just want to educate people on how the health care, the Government , hospitals and Big Pharma are all corrupt. If we do not speak out for our children and other loved ones...who will? I will keep following your stories and I Pray that our God will provide comfort and peace through this heartbreaking journey to all on here.

South Point, OH