My brother was murdered on January 28, 2022. He had just turned 60. He was legally blind, unvaxed, and had told them no vent and no Remdesivir when he went into this hospital. His wife was in different hospital which had no openings for him. This hospital has no ICU set ups. The rooms were set up with exhaust type things going out the window, and it sounded like an airplane engine running all the time.

Nurses on Covid floor had little experience. He was deprived of nutrition and liquids for days. One doctor would tell him "you know you’re not leaving here" every time he saw him.

His daughter started taking him Ivermectin in smoothies and we saw life coming back into his eyes. His charts were being watched by an RN. Vitals were improving.

His wife was better and was in rehab. She was asked about venting and said no. A couple days later at night his chart says they are going to give Diamox. RN tells them to deny this drug; too late already given. RN tells them to tell my brother that this is going to dramatically change his breathing, will be scary, but to push through until it ran its course. This drug is not to be given with respiratory issue. It caused panic and they vented him. Organs started shutting down. He didn’t leave that place, just as the doctor promised him.

Rumor has it, a young intern who liked my brother and visited him almost daily tried to commit suicide not too long after my brother was killed.

And of course, DeWine our Governor signed a bill no lawsuits can be filed relating to Covid deaths.

Plain City, OH