My husband was physically taken from us August 2023 while in the hospital, secondary to a severe PTSD episode and remains there as of this writing Feb. 2024. We have lived married in Charlotte for 20 years and the court (government) intends to move him to New York, where distant family resides.

My husband has suffered neurodegenerative challenges dating back to 2015. He lost his commercial airline pilot job in 2016. He was exploited by his family during the pandemic with an investigation by APS and the police in NY for neglect and exploitation that finally brought him home to us in early 2022.

Because conventional medicine had no answers and gave us no hope for life, we have always actively pursued technologies and medicinal tools which were not standard. Once in the hospital, I battled the "standard of care" modalities by his side daily until a nefarious petition was served to us the family he had been taken from. Having all legal documents in hand, the government guardianship playbook so many of us have and are experiencing, is what we are currently living.




All this is happening while defaming the ones that love and have his best interest at heart, and at the same time while they are poisoning his body with medications and liquidating "our estate" which the courts refer to as "Mr. Rutz’s assets".

As of February 11th, we were informed we have no visitation rights; yes, even his daughter, a senior in high school.

All unlawful, all unhealthy, and ALL premeditated …… the guardianship playbook.

Charlotte, NC