My 34 year old daughter, Stephanie Alyssa Augustine, was seen in the ER at Parkview Regional Medical Center on 12/29/21. She presented with respiratory complications, as clinically obese, and vitals showing low O2 sats. Despite the severity of Covid 19, she was not given a chest X-ray, only a steroid shot, Albuterol and Mucinex. My daughter Anngelina went with Stephanie and presented with the same symptoms.

January 1st, Stephanie was taken by ambulance to Randallia Hospital and was put on a bipap to try and stabilize her condition. Her O2 sats were 52% and respiration 52 breaths per minute. The ER doctor told me she needed a ventilator. I objected vehemently and requested they give her ivermectin, hydroxy, zinc, Quercetin, high dose vitamins and Budesonide. The doctor refused saying "that isn’t the protocol to follow". I asked why wouldn't they use off label drugs and alternative therapeutics. I was told they were just doing what they were told. This pattern persisted from January 1st until she passed on February 6th.

Why were the CDC protocols and the FDA algorithm being adhered to rather than the doctor’s clinical experiences? Why were the hospitals incentivized from CMS to receive 20% bonuses for prescribing Remdesivir which is toxic? The NIH did a study in Africa on Ebola patients and proved it was toxic to the patients and causes renal failure! Why did the government (CDC) mandate Remdesivir for the first 5 days to patients in the ICU? Why were the hospitals getting paid bonuses for putting patients on ventilators instead of early treatment options using ivermectin, hydroxy, zinc, monoclonal therapy instead? Why was my daughter isolated from us?

When Stephanie was in a coma we were allowed to visit her, and then the staff determined the isolation policy of 14 days from contact was not being adhered to and stopped our visits. So, we went from visiting her while in a coma, and when she came out of the coma for several days, to not visiting. She was frightened, never fully aware of the severity of her situation, isolated from her family, to now taken off the ventilator and put on hi flow O2 at 100 % @ 50 liters. No longer could we visit because they said it's now an aerosolized treatment. For God sake, it's a closed system! She no longer was contagious, and our family was past isolation time. Why not let us wear hazmat suits at least? What the hell, why keep us isolated? All we could do was text and video chat with Stephanie.

Do people have any freaking idea of how unbearable; how absolutely inhumane it was to keep us separated from our daughter??? She was kidnapped, because we didn't have informed consent or durable power of attorney. Do they not think ethics and morals are important in her mental health while dealing with an illness she knew very little about?

She had 7 different doctors all using different methods of care. Stephanie was told by her doctor she would be put on a trach tube on January 17th and she told us she didn't want to be put back on the ventilator. The morning of January 18th she went into respiratory arrest, and we never spoke with her again. The 2nd time they put her on life support she developed two blood infections from a catheter that developed sepsis and spread to her lungs. She endured three instances where her vent tube was compromised as well as her central line. The staff said it was from turning her, but I and my wife objected that she should have been cared for better than what she received.

Imagine, you’re in the ICU, you recover from one coma, wake up not understanding what the hell is happening, have 9 days where you are isolated from your family not knowing why, to texting and video chatting, to once again succumbing to respiratory distress and pass away!

We filed many complaints with the Patient Advocate office, noting many events of compromise by staff members, abusive behavior by doctors, treated like criminals being purposely walked out because one doctor didn't like our attitude from a conversation at 1:00AM when they woke us up to tell us she went into respiratory arrest, AFTER we talked to her earlier the previous nite!

We are devasted, angry, bitter and extremely concerned because the government indemnified the hospitals, doctors, AND the drug manufacturers. What are we left with?? Our beautiful daughter is dead and nobody is held accountable! I've read the 7th Amendment to the Constitution. There isn't anything close to ‘reasonable use for indemnification’; matter of fact, during the time the framers were writing, epidemics were common.

People are dead because of Dr Fauci, NIH, WHO, FDA, AMA, CDC deciding that unproven fast tracking jabs, masking, and social distancing would be more effective than off label therapeutics that were and are proven effective, cheap, and on the WHO safe drug list! Hospitals can all turn a blind eye. They can say we followed protocols, they can say we did our best; fact is they are deceived. The NIH did a study on Budesonide and its effectiveness against the viral effect of Covid on the lungs in early treatment. So Fauci, who heads the NIH, was interviewed by Matthew McConaughey on his podcast and said Budesonide was " basically a placebo"! What a hypocrite!!

Oxford University did 2 randomized studies. One was the STOIC Study, the other was a principled study; both showed 90 % effectiveness of Budesonide. Budesonide reduces the cytokines, which cause inflammation, and enhances the out of control immune response. It also helps correct the blood gas exchange, and reduces inflammation and scarring.

I provided actual documents to the doctors to prove my point. Why the hell was I educating these numbnuts? We had one doctor say he never heard of anyone’s health restored from Vitamin C, hello Linus Paulding!! These are the brightest among us, really looking me in my eye saying we're doing all we can do??

Every day they stalled, my daughter's life hung in the balance. The death rate on a ventilator was 50 to 94 % and miraculously she recovered, and they wouldn't try anything different. The CDC protocols killed my daughter.

Parkview had three opportunities to save her life…twice in the ER and when she came out of the coma. Attorneys should at the very least investigate every family with complaints. Hospitals should become familiar with FLCCC Alliance, Americas Frontline Doctors and Nurses, Dr. Ardis, Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Simon Gold and many others; the hundreds who are treating early cases and refusing to put patients on Remdesivir!

This has been a nightmare and was so freaking avoidable. I have zero confidence in our healthcare system. Our hospitals and doctors are compromised and chose greed over saving lives. You all have blood on your hands. I'm grateful God will comfort my family, and that all those globalist Lucifarians will stand before a Holy and just God and give an account for negligence and malfeasance that was committed against so many innocent people.

This is shared in memory of Stephanie Alyssa Augustine 12/27/87 to 02/06/2022.

Stephanie was 34 years old. Stephanie is survived by her parents, 5 siblings and 6 nieces and 3 nephews. Stephanie served God faithfully in our church kid’s ministry for over 20 years. She loved cooking, baking, the beach, country music, seashells, and turtles. Stephanie had an infectious laugh, great sense of humor and had a genuine saving faith.

New Haven, IN